Ariana Grande is Her Own Kind of Feminist and She's Not Sorry | Femestella


And you WILL take notice.


  1. Posted by jcndjdnd, — Reply

    She is so pretty with her hair up and down but I love when her hair is down 💕

  2. Posted by bvcasneedy, — Reply

    I love Ariana Grande

  3. Posted by irjastubo, — Reply

    The body in this pic Isn’t Ariana but the face is, someone photoshopped it to look like it’s her but it isn’t just to let you know:)

  4. Posted by ajjaque1, — Reply

    man, i wish i looked that beautiful and had a very long pony tail.

  5. Posted by mydogbulliesme, — Reply

    love her hair x

  6. Posted by tvanosenbruggen, — Reply

    This is holly h hahaha

  7. Posted by keya_20071, — Reply

    omggg ariana u look like an angell

  8. Posted by xhzure, — Reply


  9. Posted by buteraababyy, — Reply

    she looks so pretty but its photo shop :/

  10. Posted by luckymiyah15, — Reply

    This is how you know the government watches people and the internet tracks you because I was just looking at something about Ari on google and then 5 min later I get a Pinterest notification about Ari

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